Christmas Songs (Album)

At the end of 2020, the two Austrian music producers Schaller aka Copamore surprised us with their first album, a bilingual Christmas album. Following the release of their Christmas songs “Christmas Wish” 2019 and “Heiligabend in Berlin” 2018, the two music producers from Copamore are wrapping their greatest success of the current year “Stand Together” (Christmas Party Mix) in a chic winter garb.

Copamore’s own particularly soulful composition “Christmas Night” can be described as a special gem of the album – a title that has what it takes to become a Christmas classic. As a great challenge, the two brothers dare to reinterpret “Stille Nacht” and “Leise rieselt der Schnee”. “Silent Night” is the soulful opener and just like “Christmas Night” and “Stand Together” interpreted by the Jamaican Soosmooth with his unique timbre.

For the two German-language titles – as with “Morning Love” – the young Austro-Scottish singer Fiona Reid is again the singer with a very fresh and yet authentic interpretation of the classics.

Listen to the complete album on Spotify:

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