Christmas Music

The term “Christmas carol” is used in different broad significances. This, in addition to the range of Christmas carols, belongs to the long and eventful socio-cultural history of the Christmas carol, which determines the variety of Christmas tunes that exist today.

In the English language there is the term “Christmas carol”, which does not include all Christmas songs, but just those in which the music handles a more standard form associated to the middle ages song type carol. For example, “White Christmas”, according to this meaning, no “Christmas carol”, but “only” a song, because the musical style does not represent the custom of the Christmas carols. Concerning the page, nevertheless, no difference is made in between such carols and other Christmas carols.

However, there are likewise different cross-lingual definitions of what can be referred to as a Christmas carol. Some tunes only have a wintry, however not a clearly Christmas-religious reference. Nevertheless, they are just sung around Christmas; so for example “Jingle Bells”, whose text has to do with a sleigh ride that may take location around February, too. There are also tunes that are closely related to Christmas custom-mades but are more likely to be classified as begging or drinkingsongs.

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